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Type “T” joint

Aluminium water T-pipes allow you to separate gas or water lines.


T-pipes are made of aluminum alloy resistant to the coolant, the variable temperature and atmospheric conditions. This component is a perfect replacement for plastic T-pipes, which have a tendency to cracking.

T-pipes are available in the following sizes (mm):

T12/16 – 10x16x10
T11/11 – 11x11x11
T16x16 – 16x16x16
T16/12 – 16x12x16
T16/10 – 16x10x16
T16/8 – 16x8x16
T19/16 – 19x16x19
T19/12 – 19x12x19
T19/10 – 19x10x19
T19/8 – 19x8x19
T20 – 20x16x20
T23 – 23x16x23

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